2021- The year we become one with the dance of light and dark.

As we move out of the challenging year of 2020, we are dealing with the present situation of what has become of us.  Us, as in this human species on this planet earth.  We are moving through crisis on multiple levels.  We are being forced to take a deep dive into our humanity.  I guess we were overdue.  If we keep building on top of a crumbling foundation, how can we possibly hope to gain ground in sustaining ourselves.  Perhaps things had to crumble, so that we could rebuild in a better way.  It seems to be a good time to form more sustainable practices where it comes to the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the way in which we treat each other.  If we all just succumb to sickness and darkness, then we won’t survive.  We have all been traumatized from this last year.  Many people are homeless or facing homelessness.  Many people have died.  There is a huge amount of fighting going on.  We have lost trust in much of what we have always found to be secure.  Within the feeling of insecurity, we retreat or we lash out.  It is the most brave action to speak your truth, and now we are challenged to rediscover  our truth.  We have much healing to do to begin to trust each other once again.  As we move into this new year of 2021, we brace for the challenges ahead.  As we learn to observe and feel the dance of light to dark, and dark to light, we can find our truth.  Finding the balance in between the shadows, is an endless color wheel of grays.  I am learning to appreciate this space because it gives room for compassion and peace.  It provides a momentary pause to truly check in with ourselves and retouch what is rising up inside of us.  What will we be passionate about moving forward.  What is the the unjust that sticks in our craw, and how will we work to heal it?  One piece of this puzzle is that we have to keep moving, like the dance of dark to light and back again.  Like the inhale and exhale that moves us and reignites our flame.  We have to keep moving in order to not get stuck.  When we are in the darkness we can feel immobilized.  With so much darkness to have landed around all of us, the propensity is to stop moving and get stuck.  This backup of toxic energy will surely make us sick.  Be it breathing exercises, yoga, walking, cardio movement, or qigong.  We have to keep moving so that we can support each other and hold each other up, and engage in who we are becoming as a human species.

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