Danielle Boucher Quast L.Ac, MSAOM

Licensed Acupuncturist | Chinese Herbalist

                    Receiving a bachelor of science from Portland State University, where I studied general science and international studies with a focus on China 2001, led me to a masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I am an NCCAOM nationally board certified diplomat of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and am licensed by the board of medical examiners in the state of Oregon. In 2006 I completed a Chinese medicine intensive program in Nanjing, China at China Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Centre sponsored by the State Administration of Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China.

While growing up in Durango, Colorado, I was exposed at an early age to the healing benefits of plants, herbs, meditation and yoga. Living in the Four Corners area of the South Western United States also introduced me to the Native American cultures of the Navajo and Southern Ute tribes. I met several Native American medicine men and women and became fascinated by their ancient form of herbal healing. In 1990 Louise Edwards, an acupuncturist/naturopath in Durango, would become my mentor and friend. All of these experiences inspired me to begin a lifelong study in natural medicine.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1994 in search of a more formal education in natural medicine.  I studied Reiki with teacher Sheila King, and became a level 2 practitioner in 1997.   After doing my formal Chinese herbal training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2006, I studied western herbalism with teachers Cascade Anderson Geller 2011, and Dr. Sharol Tilgner 2010.  This tradition of herbalism is based on the knowledge passed down from herbalist Susan Weed and Rosemary Gladstar.  In the summer of 2010 I completed a nine month program in nutrition through the Nutritional Therapists Association.  I am now a certified nutritional therapist.  I also studied and have incorporated making Bach flower homeopathic remedies into my practice and have a level one certification 2012.  I also love yoga, and have been an avid practitioner since 2006.   I have a 200 hour Vinyasa and Alignment based yoga teacher training certification.  My goal is to help people heal the injuries of mind, body, and soul.

All of this work and study led me to wonder how all of these healing modalities can work together.  I find the combination of acupuncture, chinese medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, reiki, and yoga to have the pieces and parts of a whole health picture.

In the eighteen years that I have been in practice in Portland Oregon, I have found it a blessing to be able to draw from an ever evolving toolbox of healing and therapeutic modalities to help people with their own healing process.

I am always learning.  I learn something everyday from the amazing patients that come to see me.  I love seeing the smiling faces of people coming to see me as we work together as a team to help them to wellness.  I find my greatest joy in my work is being an advocate for people and their health.  I love to support people not only to wellness, but to the next step and dream along their journey, which is now more possible because they feel better.  As a person who suffered pain and ill health due to food allergies, I understand this process.  As I have found my own health over the years by incorporating all that I have learned, I realize that healing and health is always possible.  Healing is a journey and I love to be on this journey with my patients.