The techinques offered are VERY effective. I’m seeing her to specfically deal with feet neuropathy issues from Type II diabetes. Combining the ionic foot bath treatment (with the right conditions, I can feel inflamation in my feet going away during the treatment). This is very, very, complementary to the acupuncture work Danielle is performing in a very professional and caring fashion. I feel in very good hands when I enter her door.


My husband and I both see Danielle regularly and consider her our primary health care provider- she is right there on the journey with us to be healthy and strong and happy. She has provided acupuncture, nutritional support, advice and referrals, and even an incredibly wonderful therapeutic skin care facial. We are so grateful for her excellent care. We also adore her because she is such a sweetheart.


I have enjoyed visiting Danielle from the very first time. She was suggested by a friend and it was an excellent suggestion. Her technique seems to help more than other acupuncture places. She takes the time and truly cares for your health. I’m glad to be back in the area to be seen by her again!


I just started visiting Danielle a month ago. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt very calm. She definitely provides an atmostphere that is stress free and very welcoming. I knew that she was actually listening to what I was telling her. After two years of finding very little relief from a traditional doctor, I finally feel I am on the right track. I look forward to my next visit.


I visit Danielle for both stress relief and back pain. And sometimes a combination of both! She is so positive. It is always a great experience. By the time I leave, I am completely relaxed, and my back pain is relieved. An appointment with Danielle is always an experience I look forward


Danielle is amazing! She really listens to your concerns, and does everything she can to help you alleviate them…w/ acupuncture, supplements, or just being there to listen! I have had amazing results with her, and truly appreciate her continued quest for knowledge, and her wonderfully grace and warm touch.
Sheri C.


Danielle is a wonderful acupuncturist and recommend her with every confidence that she can help you feel better! Her depth and range of knowledge and her ability to communicate that knowledge to inform her practice and educate her customers is not only impressive but healing. You will feel safe and confident that she can help you heal from all sorts of aliments from allergies, to bone spurs, to fertility, to chronic pain. She treats it all with a sense of curiousity about how to treat your body and warmth to provide that additional component to bring you to better health.


Getting treatment from Danielle is truly a holistic experience. Not only does she have an excellent intuition for the body and how to treat it, but her warm personality makes the treatment experience relaxing to the mind as well.
MA – Seattle, Washington


The foot baths will blow your mind as will all the other aspects of her practice. I not only left Danielle’s office feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but also much more educated about Chinese medicine.
RR – Atlanta, Georgia


I was truly impressed with the range of techniques Danielle Quast was able to use during my visits at her clinic, Point to Health. Her breadth of knowledge, and more importantly the ability to use that knowledge to positive effect, has made an apparent impact on my heath. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends.
JK – Portland, Oregon


From the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave you will feel like you have transcended into an atmosphere of pure tranquil relaxation and peacefulness. A very satisfying experience you won’t forget.
AR – Portland, Oregon


I visited Danielle when I was having a lot of anxiety. From the second I walked in the door it was such a positive experience. The foot bath and acupuncture were so soothing, and ending the appointment with a facial helped make that relaxed feeling last all day.


After I broke my shoulder I had very limited movement. I went to eight treatments with Danielle and noticed improvement from the first. The calm feeling of well being that I left with definitely sped up my healing. This being my first experience with acupuncture, I was a little apprehensive. However, the moment I walked in the door I felt relaxed and assured that I was in good hands. I highly recommend a visit to Danielle if you’ve been hurt or if you just need a moment of relaxation and balance.


Danielle’s comforting personality and expertise put you right at home if you are even the least bit nervous about your first time using acupuncture. I highly recommend her.
PR – Atlanta, Georgia