Classes 10-20!

I successfully finished the challenge. I did 20 classes in 30 days. As I got over the halfway mark I began to realize that this is only the beginning of this journey that I have embarked on. I thought that over the course of the month I would have big dramatic changes in my body, and that I might be working toward that yoga body I have always wanted. Well I did make some progress, but what I truly realized was just how much work that yoga body really takes. In the last week of the month I was able to do two 4.5 mile runs. That week was the closest I came to my goal. It felt good, but it felt like a lot and not much recovery time. The thing I really appreciated about the challenge is that there could be no excuses. I either had to go no matter what, or I wasn’t going to finish the challenge. I made it through a cold, and then an injured finger (that was terribly painful).

The point is that I went to class no matter what and I worked it out on the mat. I understand the term “working it out on the mat” so much better now. I went to classes that I might not have tried. The best part is that I formed a routine. With that new habit formed I have now been able to continue to get up at 6am most weekdays and make to a 7am yoga class. I am going to just keep going. I am starting to notice some changes in my structure that I am really enjoying. I feel better than I ever have and my energy is so much better.

I love this quote, “The nature of the universe is such that the ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end”. Aldous Huxley. The end of the yoga challenge was anticlamactic. I gave myself one last gold star by my name, a little knuckle bump to my shoulder and went on my way. I was on my way to the next thing that life would present. Life is so full of everything. It is full of big laughter, sadness, tiredness, frustration, business, and love. All meant to felt and experienced. It is nice to take a little quiet time each day just for myself so that I may, WORK IT OUT ON THE MAT.

Thank you for anyone who cared to read this blog. It was a test for me to see if I could actually write anything that the public might enjoy hearing about . I have found it to be quite rewarding and I hope to do it more often. Peace, prosperity, and joy to you all!

2 Responses to “Classes 10-20!”

  1. Linda Diorio says:

    I loved reading all teh stages you went through. This is a good thing. you should continue to blog, I think
    friends and clients alike would enjoy it. I am so amazed and proud of you. Mom

  2. Natalie says:

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