Yoga challenge day 18!

So, here we are on the 18th day of April and I have completed 15 classes.  I wrote a long post last week.  I then thought I posted what I wrote only to find out it didn’t publicize correctly and I lost the whole post.  It has been difficult to find the inspiration again to write about the challenge.  The challenge is going well.  It is intense and it takes a whole level of commitment to the practice that I haven’t experienced before.  I have been going to all different kinds of classes.  It is so humbling to see how far I have to go.  It is humbling and also refreshing.  I don’t think I will ever get bored with the practice of yoga.  It is a journey, just like life.  I am feeling pretty sore all over and I am missing my cardio.  I went for a run today and it seemed to balance out my body.  I have often wondering if you could just do yoga everyday for exercise and nothing else, except for daily life of course.  I think every body is different.  However, I know for me that I have to balance out the yoga with some other form of exercise.  Ok, so half way there!

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