Yoga Challenge day 4!

I have started out the challenge slowly and gently.   This is the third year that I have done the yoga challenge.  The first year I did 20 classes in 30 days.  Last year I started strong with a goal of 25 classes in 30 days.  It was this time last year that my life completely changed.  I would have to face the loss and attachment to most of what I thought I valued.  I did not finish the challenge last year, but with good reason.  I am ready now!  This year I have total motivation and nothing to lose.  Over the course of the last year I have remained completely committed to the practice of yoga.  My practice of yoga.  I have let the practice carry me when I thought I couldn’t carry myself.  Yoga has been a complete life saver to me.  It is a therapist, a practitioner, a spiritual practice, and most importantly a Great JOY!  If it wasn’t so much fun I never would have lasted.

So, today is April 4th and I am happy to say the completion of the fourth class.   I am seeing the value of mixing things up.  I have been going to different classes than normal.  Learning from different teachers.  Most importantly, not pushing myself too hard.   Honoring our bodies and where we are at is one of the biggest challenges of yoga.  Every body is different.  We all have different structures, different cellular makeup, different genetics, and different paths.  This week so far I have been focusing on commitment and vulnerability.  I am completely committed to the daily practice of this month.  I am also learning to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.  I think often times we are afraid to be vulnerable because we are concerned what others will think of us.  Yoga has taught and is teaching me to be as strong as I can possibly be and imperfect and human at the same time.

Sometimes when we go into poses it hurts.  It seems like it shouldn’t hurt and maybe others do a pose with ease.  Sometimes we fall out of a pose and sometimes we make a funny noise or face while moving into a pose.  It is all part of it.  Honoring all of it is what makes our vulnerability perfection.  Perfect Vulnerability!  That is the phrase for this first week of the challenge.  Peace!

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