Recommended Bed-Time Yoga Poses

As you are winding down for the night, there are a few yoga poses that will assure you that restful night sleep.
1. Uttanasana-Standing Forward Bend.  With your feet hip width apart, raise your arms to the sky.  Then bend at the hips and allow your body to bend forward with slightly bent knees.  As you begin to hang from the hips, allow your hands to gently touch the shins or the ground and feel your body unwind from the day.  Come out of the pose the same way you went into it.
2.  If there is room on the floor next to your bed you can lay on your back.  You can also lay on your bed to do the following yoga poses.  Supta Baddha Konasana-Reclined Bound Angle Pose is next.  Lay on your back and bring your knees into your chest.  Then set your feet down with the knees up.  Allow the knees to fall open, and feel the opening of the pelvis and low back.
3. Spinal Twist is next.  Bring the knees back into the chest and let both knees fall to one side of the body for a spinal twist.  Follow this up by let the knees fall to the opposite side as well.  You can hold these poses for as long as they feel good, but at least several breath cycles.
4. Viparita Karani-Legs up the wall pose is next.  You can also do this pose in bed.  Bring the back of the pelvis as close to a wall or headboard as possible.  Then swing the legs up the wall and flex the feet.  Feel the hamstrings begin to release and blood flow increase to the core of the body. 
5. Childs Pose is next.  Curl into a ball with your forhead on the floor or your mattress.  Feel your spine begin to unfurl.
6. Savasana is the final night time pose recommended.  This is also called Corpse Pose.  Lay on your back with hands out and palms up.  Feel your body relax into your rest and your sleep.
Morning Poses
1. Mountain Pose-Stand with your hands by your sides and straighten your spine.  Feel your body begin to wake up.  Take a few deep breaths, upon inhaling raise the arms and look to the sky.  Upon exhaling lower the arms and let all the air out of the lungs. 
2. Follow Mountain Pose with a Sun Saluation and move through the Sun Salutation at least five times.  This will wake you up and get you moving for the day. 
-Mountain Pose
-Hanging Forward Pose
-Downward Dog Pose
-Plank Pose
-Cobra Pose
-Downward Dog Pose
-Hanging Forward Pose
-Mountain Pose
This series of poses is a full Sun Salutation.  Do each motion with the breath.
Thank you, Namaste
Danielle Quast LAc.
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